03 December 2017

Observed again

Observations with a bloke called Tom: part2. I had observed one Tom in October, and now it was time to be observed by the other Tom myself. He had picked my lecture on climate change for the occasion. And it's a challenging lecture! There's alot to the topic. I had 50 minutes.

I would not only have Tom as an extra person in there; I had also just the day before met a new colleague: Stella (not my former office mate). It turned out she was working part-time as an outreach person who would go around visiting schools in the surroudings, encouraging schoolkids to go and pursue their education at Bangor University, in Welsh. Or at least, that's how I understood it. And that's cool; another person to speak Welsh with! And when I mentioned I had once given a lecture about Milankovitch cycles to A-level students she was very interested. When I pointed out I would lecture about that very topic the very next day she decided to join. Nice!

I like the topic. I figured it went OK! I also managed to get the actuality in there: climate involves volcanoes, and just that week a big one was threatening to erupt. That didn't go unmentioned!

After the talk Stella ran off to a meeting, and I had a little chat with Tom. He had liked it! He's a biologist, so he didn't have much background in it, but I had managed to capture his imagination. And he had some good tips on how to further improve.

It turned out he had also got a bit of inspiration from how I did things. I suppose a win for all! I must say I think this observation scheme seems to quite work for me...

File:Mount Agung, November 2017 eruption - 27 Nov 2017 02.jpg
 Mount Agung on November 27th 2017. Pic by Michael W. Ishak

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