15 December 2017

CasCare certificate

My name is Margaret! At least my last name hasn't changed. In September I had passed my CasCare exam, and I had noticed the instructors had made a dog's breakfast of my last name. I corrected them. And in December I received a message saying that my certificate was waiting for me at Ogwen Mountain Rescue Base. And when I was driving past anyway I decided to go and pick it up.

A friendly lady opened the door and retrieved it for me. It had my last name correct, but I was Margaret! Oh well. Then she offered me a brew. I never say no to that! So I sat down with a cup of tea. There were two blokes doing the same thing. In spite of the snowy weather there were no call-outs yet; these guys had just been for a hike and had just popped by as a brew is nice and they figured a call-out would come sooner or later.

I noticed I was really tired when I was sitting down like that! It had been a long week. I didn't linger too long. Leaving came with one complication; the driveway to the base had been strewn with salt, and that had attracted some overly keen horses. They weren't supposed to be there! I closed the gate in their face. We couldn't really keep them off the driveway. Oh well!

Now I have the proof that I passed the exam. Now I need to keep my knowledge in shape! At least the worst of the semester is over now, so I might find a bit of time for it... if I ever need it I better have all that knowledge ready for use!

There it is!

Uninvited guests

 Tryfan looks grim in the fading light

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