16 December 2017

Quiet Sunday

After the heavy week with a lot of preparation work, then the actual presentations, and then the sorting out the paperwork until 8PM I was knackered. On the Saturday I already took it fairly easy, but I noticed that I needed to take it easier. I was tired! And the weather forecast for the Sunday wasn't very goo. I decided to stay home and catch up on chores! Do the laundry, write a letter, update the blog, water the plants; all these unremarkable things. It was lovely! It still filled pretty much the entire day. At the end I think I had about 45 minutes of reading a book. But I needed it! I rarely have days that I barely get outside, but this time I did and I enjoyed it. And I had the gas fire on, and candles lit, and I had even bought myself a little bottle of wine! I hope not to need days like this too often but I can't say it's such an unpleasant thing...

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