08 December 2017

Weekend of hard graft

I thought I would be doing daft stuff with the Yorkies. I ended up almost the entire weekend either at the kitchen table, or on the couch, with a pile of scientific reading. What went wrong?

I had let some preparation work for my big module pile up (more about this later). So I had been working the whole previous Sunday, and I still had more. If you're that busy you don't go around chasing people up too much... I had let the Yorkies know I'd love to catch up on Friday night. I assumed they'd get in touch when they would be done with their day programme (which would probably involve being somewhere where there is no signal) and then I'd drive down to meet them!

By five-ish there was no sign yet. I brought a pile of reading and went home. Once there I phoned the one Yorkie; it was dark by now, surely they were out of the hills? But there was no answer. They were staying a bit in the sticks, maybe they had no signal where they stayed, either! I started cooking a meal for myself.

The next morning there still was no sign of them. I decided to just go and work! I knew what they planned to do but wasn't sure if that was their final decision, nor did I know when they would set off. And the trip they wanted can be long; I wasn't sure if I could  spare that much time! So I just stayed home. And read.

The next day I did that too, until about three. Then I stopped! I went to see Guy and Kate (and of course, Pi and the cats!) That was lovely. And the evening I spent with Jaco and Marjan. A relaxing end to a strenuous weekend! But without Yorkies. A pity!

File:Gashydrat im Sediment.JPG
The white stuff is clathrate; one of the topics I had to read about. Pic by Wuzel007

PS it stayed busy for a while; hence the late post!

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