27 December 2017

Sorting out the garbled module

Last year I was hired in February to teach a module that would start in, well, February. It was quite hectic! It’s a lot of work to prepare for a module and I wasn’t given much. But I managed. When I was done I didn’t know what would happen with it. For a long time, no module leader was listed. I also didn’t know who would deliver the lectures I gave. 

When the module came closer a module leader and lecturer appeared. The former was Tom, with whom I teach on several other modules too, and Katrien would take over the lectures. That would be quite something! She hadn’t taught that stuff in many years. 

Then they hired me. Quite soon afterwards an email arrived from Katrien, who at the time was bobbing around on the Southern Ocean; she hopefully assumed I would take my module back. I agreed! So I figured I should let Timetabling know that. I had a look at what had already been sorted. It was a mess! It looked like the lectures of those giving a few were OK; the people who give one weren’t on there, a student conference wasn’t timetabled and Katrien was booked for some 30 lectures instead of the expected 7. Oh dear. 

I gave them a ring. They were willing to help, but they said I had until noon the next day to say which time slots I wanted to keep. They weren’t supposed to change anything anymore, and they would soon close for Christmas. Oh dear! I decided to use some of Katrien’s lecture slots for the student conference, and I mailed the guest lecturers. One wasn’t happy with the abrupt request. We’ll have to discuss in the new year! But I saved him a slot. 

Although this time I know before Christmas I’ll be teaching this, firefighting and haste have already found their way into the module. Oh well. I hope I can keep that stuff limited to a minimum! It’s a cool module! 

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