30 December 2017

Back but not revived

I had tried to live healthily in the Netherlands! I tried to get my sleep as that's the most important thing. But I must have got it wrong anyway. I got back on Wednesday afternoon. I drove home, via the supermarket, and spent the remainder of the day unpacking, cooking, eating, etcetera. The next day started OK. I let in the gas fitter, I went for a run, and I did some chores about which I will blog later. I also got a message from Miles: was I digging? It was a Thursday after all! And I had lost track of what day it was but this sounded nice. I like digging! So I drove to cold Tanygrisiau for a short session. It was a moonlit night! And that was lovely, but I did feel a niggle in my throat. Oh dear.

We didn't make an awful lot of progress to be honest, but I did manage to bring down a rock I had had on my mind. We have a plan of action for the way on! It involves a smaller drill so we can drill rocks ahead without first removing the other rocks that protect us from things falling from above. Watch this space! During the digging I didn't notice my throat, but that meant little...

Then I went home, and woke up with swollen tonsils and a snotty nose. Oh no! That was what I had been trying to avoid. I was pretty much out for the day! I did pop to the shops for lemons, honey, and ibuprofen but otherwise I didn't do much. I even had an afternoon nap. I really got it hard!

Another unpleasant surprise hit me; the Thursdaynighters had been out! They hadn't bothered telling me. I know I'm in the dig quite often, but stopping inviting me goes a bit far. There's a lot of us who rarely give acte de presence! David said it wasn't on purpose but it's still not a good sign. I'm not sure how my Thursdaynighter 2018 will look. I would have hoped knowing I can stay would reinforce friendships but my oldest friends seem to only have been drifting off. Not good! But I will manage.

The next day I should have been out with the Thursdaynighters, but I cancelled. It would have been a nice opportunity for reconnecting but if I'm ill that comes first! I don't like being ill. And soon the excitement of proper house-hunting starts. I want to be healthy for that!

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