09 November 2017

Small hike between office and boots

When I had to be in Betws-y-Coed anyway, I decided to go out for a small hike. I spend a lot of time in the office these days, and some landscape beauty keeps me sane. So I went to the office in the morning and worked a few hours. It was more comfortable than expected; there was some citizen science day going on so the heating was on! I mainly worked on the upcoming practical. But then I shut down the computer and drove off.

I had picked a small path that lead from the road to Betws to a small mine at the foot of Moel Siabod. It would be a walk of the right length, and it looked nice. And it was! the path started on a slope littered with inclines and drum houses, and soon Moel Siabod appeared in sight, looking all gloomy. Nice! And before you get to the quarry you come past a nice scenic reservoir. Also nice! And there weren't many other people around.

I looked at the ruined buildings and took some pics and went back. Mental health recharged again!

The rural start of the hike, looking back at the valley

In the other direction, Moel Siabod looms

View from the top lake. Lovely!

Strange roof structure in a local building

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