21 November 2017

Not to Svalbard

I had applied for a job on Svalbard in August. I had found out who the other candidates were in September. And then I had another email while I was in Sheffield, for the BRITICE meeting. So was it good news?

Well, yes and no. There had been eight candidates. They had decided three of them were qualified. I was one of them! But I was the least qualified of the three. When I mentioned it to James he said he already knew. The bloke we both know who had applied to had told him he had been invited for an interview! And he had asked me if I had been too. No. So he knew enough.

I mailed the bloke to congratulate him. He was actually on Svalbard at that time! And the second candidate would be there the week after. I'm certain one of them will accept the job. So I'm out. Oh well. Svalbard is quite far from where my mother lives!

I hadn't seen much in the way of jobs recently, but the first time I checked after getting this news I saw another suitable vacancy. In Lincoln. When it comes to excitingness of landscape, that's a bit of an opposite from Svalbard. But a job's a job! Watch this space!

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