22 November 2017

Hit and run in the dig

I thought last week I'd had a short night in the dig. I had seen nothing yet! This week I managed to get out at the usual Thursdaynighters time. That was good, as I got to see them. They were heading into the same mine! I had wanted to join them again; I mean, it's nice to see them, and I love digging, but sometimes I should just leave the dig be and still connect with the other chaps. This week, though, they seemed to have a rather long trip planned. I don't want to do extra long trips! I feel ill last month, and I don't want to do it again. And I tend to skirt quite closely past potential illness. I can't take such risks!

It didn't help that David had sent another aggressive email when I had voiced my concern about how long the TN trip would take. It was so bad that two of the other men asked me about it. Was all well? Well, no, it wasn't. David had not meant to be hurtful but he never means to, and does it all the time anyway. It feels just the same. They could go without me. But David had hurt his knee and didn't come, so I just got this opportunity to see the others before we would head our separate ways. Miles would have been working on the wiring in the Manager's office all day; he would just see when I would show up and then we would go in.

We had two of the biggest talkers on the parking lot, so it took forever before we started walking up. At the manager's office I peeled off, but some of the men hadn't seen the building from the inside at all, or not for a long time, so they all piled in. I can imagine; it looks spiffing these days! But in spite of wanting to do a long trip the others just stood around talking forever again. When they finally set off we got ready to go in too. We weren't even done with that when there was a knock on the door; one of the men! They had forgot their key. Could they borrow Miles'? Well, yes. They would leave it at the gate for us.

When they were gone I realised we hadn't agreed on anything about what we would do with the key after coming out ourselves. How would they get out without it? I ran after them to say we would leave it for them but they were gone. Oh dear. I hoped they would understand we would anyway.

I collected Miles who was now ready too and we went in. But it had got late! And he had to be out extra early that day. We went into the dig and it was almost time to come out again. We had time to blow up a rock, inspect the results, decide on what to do next time, and tidy a bit but then we had to come out. Oh well!

I was out so early I popped by at Mick's for a cup of tea afterwards. But I didn't want to linger as I had made a conscious effort to arrange my night such that I would be in bed at a civilised time! And that sort of worked. So where will I be next week? Not clear yet!

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