25 October 2017

The university makes a plan

It's almost been two years! That the university has a financial problem, and is trying to sort things out. Is it doing that wisely? Well, one could discuss that. But it seems it now has made a plan of how to re-arrange things so as to save enough money to be sustainable in the future. The plans are now published and open for consultation.

When I had a look at what's most interesting for me: the academic staff in Ocean Sciences, I noticed there were more Teaching and Scholarship lecturers on the list than we currently have. That is very interesting! One of them is even a 'lecturer in Earth Science'. That sounds extra interesting. I had a small chat with our Head of School; he confirmed that indeed he was trying to make that happen. There were devils in the details, of course; this specific lecturer was only listed as lasting, well, for the duration of my current contract. But this is a long term plan! No use putting almost-gone people like me on it. Hopefully that caveat will be lifted. We will have to wait for the consultation period to be over, and the university then publishing a final plan. And then we'll see! Maybe I have a chance on a future here after all!

Wouldn't really mind staying in this area for a bit longer!

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