09 October 2017

The observations don't stop with a PGCertHE

Only last month I got my teaching qualification. Part of the portfolio is observations; you have to have colleagues watch and criticize your teaching. You also sometimes do it to others. But now that I am qualified doesn't mean that's over! All teaching staff have to observe and be observed once a year. I was assigned men called Tom for both events. I now have done the observation; I was watching the Tom with whom I teach Ice and Oceans. It was his first lecture in that module.

It was a good lecture! A pleasure to watch. I should see them all, but I'm not sure I can. I might be lecturing at the same time. And maybe I'm too busy. But it was good! I don't have much to moan about. But that's OK. The biggest take-away is that I still tend to go a bit fast, and Tom doesn't. His pace is very pleasant. I should emulate that! And the other Tom won't observe me until late November I have a lot of time to activate my inner slow talker before then...

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