04 October 2017

Teaching has started again

When the first week of term was over, I had done two lectures of each of my big modules, prepared the lectures for the week after, and I had come up with a plan of what to do with my first year tutees. Not bad!

The first lecture didn't go so well. I find it's a bit like baking pancakes: the first one comes out all lumpy. After that the pan is hot and the rest goes well, without much effort! And I quite enjoy it. And I like the two cohorts of students too (second year students for the one module and third year ones for the other).

I'll be continuing like this for a while, but soon there will be the day in the field too, and then a practical, and lectures in other modules, and all sorts of that stuff. And the first deadline that will appear is the one for my new assignment. I am curious to see how it went!

In short, it has all started and it's going well, as far as I am concerned! My last term in Bangor? We'll see...

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