23 July 2017

Evening walk

I had got a taste for Braich Ty Du, the mountain NE of Nant Ffrancon on my mini-walk on Sunday. And on Monday it was a stunning day. I decided to work during the day, but go for a walk in the evening. Normally we go climbing on Monday night, but this week we would be indoors, and I figured that would be a waste. So from work I went home, packed a bag with some warm clothes (as if) and food and drink, and stepped into the car. I parked a bit closer to the startpoint this time and set off. It only took me twenty minutes to get to where I had stopped the day before. I wernt on a bit and then sat down for dinner. It was lovely!

I walked on. The path vanished and I had to find my own way. I figured I should stay near the edge; that is the only place from which you have the marvellous view of Nant Ffrancon. But the going is slow. My speed dropped severely as soon I was trudging through shrubs on a steep slope!

I decided to go back to the top. Nant Ffrancon vanished but the top of the hill was beautiful too. Just emptiness with yellowish grass. I love it! It doesn't come out in pictures though. I sat down for some more sandwiches. Then I walked back over the top. Maybe I should do it again soon, but then do the whole thing over the top. And then get a bit further!

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