01 February 2016

Calm before the sediment storm

Last month I had been summoned to Edinburgh to do some sampling before the entire BGS (or rather, only that part of it which is located in Edinburgh; there's also a part near Nottingham) would move house. The timing was awkward but I agreed it was a good idea. And by now it has become very clear it was vital.

Later that December the move took place. But it's not an instantaneous thing. They're still at it! Thanks to the spiffing assistance of our lab tech we wizzed through the samples. I'm done now with these samples. But we can't get to the cores! The move is not done yet.

We also want to X-ray the cores. That is probably going to happen in late February. Let's hope by then we can get to the cores! And once we've X-rayed them we can sample the shit out of them. It means we cannot reasonably be done with them when we would like to, but hey ho, these things happen.

This lull means I have time for the upcoming teaching, my PGCertHE, and for processing the data we have. I'm making core logs for all cores we have sampled, or want to sample, and that's a lot of work. And it will be important to get things out of the way before that second, and enormous, wave of sediment will hit me!

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