17 February 2016

From one to three pitches

Last week we sent Rich down his first vertical pitch. This week we'd take it a bit further; we would send him down three! He'd only have to go down; it is a through-trip with all the pitches being pull-throughs. And aside from it having nice SRT training opportunities it was also a mine that was on the wish list of one the other chaps. Two for the price of one!

Rich did well! We did the trip a bit quick; even though it hadn't been a very wet day in Menai Bridge, the mine was soaking. Large quantities of very cold water from above and below don't inspire a lot of exploration! Unfortunately, it also does not inspire much photography, as all the moisture in the air gets in the way. But one can't have it all! And it mattered little to me, as I've pretty much seen the length and width of this place. The others should just go back on a drier day. But first: back to our dig!
Getting ready to rig the first pitch. Pic by Rich

Dramatic picture of the approach of the second pitch. Pic by Andy

Looking down the second pitch. Pic by Andy. Notice the waterfall coming down!

 Distant ladder into orange gunk. Pic by Andy

 Wet level. Pic by Andy

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