07 November 2015

Supermodel smile

I have pretty healthy teeth, but sometimes something is left to be desired anyway. My lower incisors had been slowly crumbling. They have cracks running through the enamel and wear and tear sometimes takes advantage of these. I remember a bit coming off six years ago, somewhere in the middle of the frozen wastes of Arctic Finland. Somewhere this year another piece came off. It was getting a bit unpleasant! The sharp jagged edges aren't nice on the tonge. My dentist noticed too during the routine check-up, and suggested he do something about it. I agreed!

It was a bit weird: a dentist's appointment for something other than a routine check or some plaque removal. This time real stuff was on the cards! That never happens! But it was still very modest. The dentist did a bit of grinding, which was a bit unpleasant as you smell the burning apatite and it's unnerving that it comes from your own body. But it didn't hurt. He then molded some putty on top, polished it, and ready I was. And it felt great! No sharp edges, and the feeling of structurally intact teeth again! I was very happy. I couldn't wait to get to a mirror and finally get to see it too. I don't think other people will notice very much, but I sure do and I'm pleased!

Before and after!


Petra said...

zit in de familie!

Margot said...

Helaas waar!