27 November 2015

Considering a car

Last year it took hundreds of pounds to get my rusty old car through MOT. This year I fear it could be worse; my exhaust needs perking up and the wiring of my lights needs replacement. And only then would even thinking about rust start to be relevant. It could be very expensive! So much so I wondered if the time would have come to scrap it. I wasn't looking forward to it; it would mean the hassle of buying another one. And I live in a small town now; how many cars of my preference would there be around here? If a place is not reachable by bike (that's not far) or public transport (good luck, this is North Wales) it would be difficult. I can drive up to see it, but if I buy it, I can't drive two cars back! And it's not as if I have many people around here whom I am comfortable to ask to drive me there.

But the David saw a car on Gumtree, just down the road. It looked like an OK deal! And as it was this close, he was happy to come with me to see it. (He might be happy to travel further but I'm not counting on it.) And he was invaluable! He knew the type of car this was needed a new cam belt every 72000 miles, and this one had driven 137000 or so. Time for a new one! And that can be expensive!

I asked the local garage what a new cam belt would cost. Quite a lot, it turns out! So I decided against this car. David then saw a promising-looking Nissan in Rhyl but someone beat me to it. I hope I find something before the old one's MOT runs out. I don't consider myself too picky, but I want a car that has 5 doors, a reasonably-sized boot, is affordable to insure, and is sold not too far away! Turns out that's hard! Wish me luck...

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