14 July 2015

Things are looking up

The BGS chaps were recognisable by the dripping helmets, the dirty clothes and the tired looks. Hour after hour they spent trying to get the vibrocorer back on track. And then, one afternoon, their team leader walked into our main lab, all dripping and dirty and tired, and uttered the liberating phrase “it’s fixed”. We were all very happy. We couldn’t wait for the first successful core to come up. It was dinner time when it did; we didn’t care. We wanted mud! We could eat later. And it came up full of mud. Success! Colm, our chief scientist, immediately bought Iain, the BGS team leader, a beer. He knows what’s important. And from then on we would keep coring for at least 36 hours (when I’m putting this online). The BGS saved the day! The project is saved!

 Back in business!

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