04 July 2015

Slow weekend runs

When I came back from Laugharne, I didn't stop to pause, but jumped back into a mixture of work and holiday re-organisation. Maybe I shouldn't have! But the holiday is now largely sorted (the important bits are re-booked), and I did with my sediment cores that I wanted to do before I would go offshore. So at least I can now go into my final week in a relaxed way. But I was quite knackered when the weekend hit!

I went for a coastal path run anyway. And it didn't take me long to lose the path. No worries; I found a nice path further inland, but it sort of showed my alertness. I noticed where things had gone wrong on the way back. Now I know for next time!

Pretty coastal scene

The coastal path was lost by now, but that didn't spoil the fun

On Sunday I decided to run from home. My first run around here had been hampered by the public footpath being very badly indicated, and I had lost it. This is a path you can realistically only find if you have a photographic memory, or if you bring the actual map. I decided to do just that (the latter, that is)! And now I figured out where I was supposed to enter and exit unmarked fields. And the path continues quite a while! I had no intentions making this anything other than a short run, but the way on was so enticing that I clocked up more than 10k with my slow head. Nice! I might explore a bit further on next time. There is more where that came from! But I don't want to do the first bit of the route again; so overgrown you can't reasonably run, and you end up all scratched. But now, after well over a year, I finally explored some of the nearest public footpaths!

Part of the newly discovered nearby path

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