31 May 2015

Film night

A good weekend contains a run, these days along the coastal path, and some social interaction. This weekend did! The social interaction planned was a second film night. The first one ended up undocumented on the blog; I admit the blog is biased towards events I have pictures of. And one does not normally take pictures of people watching a movie, and images from movies one can find online tend to be copyrighted. But there was a film night! Some of the inspiration for this event stemmed from good experiences in York, and the paucity of public screenings in Bangor and surroundings, and the realisation my taste in films overlaps strongly with that of David.

The first screening, which was attended by David, Guy, Kate and me, contained the film "Everybody's Famous", which I had seen in the cinema in Amsterdam with my sister when it came out in 2000. I had bought it because I had a pretty awful reputation with regard to films; I do have a taste for very bleak movies, and this is a feel-good specimen. The second screening had been "Tuvalu", which David had brought. It was a very weird film! And a great one at that.

This time we weren't decided in advance. We would just all bring what we had lying around. But about half an hour before it would all kick off, Guy pulled out, and Kate with him. Oh dear! A bit of failing communication ensued. In the end it was a two-person-only film night. Oh well. My TV is rather small, so it's hard to fit four people within easy watching distance of it! And it was good. I provided "The Diving bell and the Butterfly" and David came up with "le Havre"; a Kaurismäki film. I love those!

As with the coastal path runs, I enjoy this hesitant start of a new tradition. I might have to go and order some films!

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