03 May 2015

Marathon video

The joys of modern technology! Just plonk a few digital cameras at the finish of a big race and flog the footage to all ~10.000 runners. Excellent idea! I fell for it. I think it's footage of my only marathon finish ever! And I think it gives a good idea of how I felt; you can tell from my somewhat angular gait these 42 km haven't gone by unnoticed, but I'm still smiling! And that's how I felt: a bit spent but rather happy I had made it to the end.

The start is on there too, but don't look for me; I started so far at the back it took me 9 minutes to get to the start. The guy at the front in a yellow shirt, black shorts, blue shoes and a hairband won the men's race; the woman a few metres behind him, with the crop top, won the women's race.

I must admit that when watching this, I was amused by the sound made by the man, who finishes at ~4:12:25 and collapses immediately afterwards (~43 seconds into the video). Poor sod! But he made it! In a good time, if I may say so...

(a higher resolution version can be found here)

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