12 April 2014

First Welsh run

I hadn't run in weeks! It was about time. But where to go?  I like to run out in nature, but on terrain that is so solid you can focus on the running instead of on not falling flat on your face. And that balance is not always easily found. I had seen some public footpaths on the map and from my car. It was time to try them out!

I ran due west, in the direction of the famous Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll (or Llanfair PG as it's more colloquially known), on a path that shadowed the road. It had a path running straight north from it; I tried that. Soon it went over a stile and vanished into a muddy field. Eh, where to? I pottered around in the field for a bit until I gave up and went back. I ran back into town, where I'd seen another path signposted. The path went straight down to to lower road to Llanfair. And then what? I found a path that went all the way to the waterfront. Beautiful! Not really good for a run; very short, and rather uneven at the end. But the view was spiffing! I enjoyed it for a bit, and then headed back up. I'll have to keep looking, for this won't do in the long run. But exploring the environment on running shoes is quite fun in itself!

The stile that takes the path into the field - but where exactly?

View to Church Island

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