07 April 2014

First after-work pint

And what a pint it was! I saw the pub we went to served Doombar and Tribute; I find it a bit weird to drink that here in North Wales. It was more suitably consumed in its native Cornwall. They also served Hoegaarden white beer (better on summery days), some lagers, and Leffe. Well, Leffe then! My Flemish colleague Katrien was buying the round, but she couldn't watch as the landlady poured me a pint, English ale-style. In a straight pint glass, with no head! But it tasted good.

 A pint of Leffe, Anglesey style!

We started out with four, but over time more and more School of Ocean Sciences people came pottering in. It was nice to have a pint with all these people I only just met this week. A good start of a social life at work!

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