04 October 2011

Summer walk in autumn

All work and no play makes Margot a dull girl. And sabbaticals and parental leaves make Margot a professor-deficient girl. All of that is bad! So when the weather in the weekend promised to be too good for office work, Lionel was unavailable for underground adventures, and the almost-on-sabbatical Jon would team up with Parental Roland and some other infamous characters for a hearty Sunday walk, I decided to join them.

The walk took us through the fields and forests of the sun-baked Tamar Valley, with its mining remains and country pubs. The weather was ludicrous for an October day, and many a droplet of perspiration was shed, but it was a nicely relaxing day in otherwise hectic times. And soon Roland will be back; parental leave in the UK isn’t of Norwegian length, but soon we’ll lose Jon for months to the Heimat. And in spite of his admirable efforts to paint a maximally negative picture of himself with a hideous do-rag and questionable fart-apps on his iPhone he’ll be missed!

This is what happens if four blokes spot a beautiful car

The Calstock Bridge in action; this bridge has been seen before on this blog!

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