13 June 2010

Climbing on the Tor

The Mendip weekend had strengthened my conviction I should get me some more climbing practice, and Ali was eager to get the same. Ferret, a caver form the past who had recently rejoined PCG, was also interested. So I needed the Saturday to do all these things that needed doing, but the Sunday just begged for a climb. So off we went! To Sheepstor, this time. It looked good.

Ferret and Ali explore the rock

I wanted to just climb, just like Ali, and Ferret wanted to lead. And we all got what we came for! We did some demanding routes (that is, for our skills), and the last climb only worked for me because Ferret used his weight on the rope to motivate me past the most difficult bit. But it was good!

Ali in action

Me still coping

We were the first there, and the last to leave. And when it was fairly crowded in between the mood was excellent. Our neighbouring climbers at some point had an acute use for the rope Ali had just gotten into place for a climb we wanted to do on toprope... Ferret found out that among climbers one can get away with making anti-football statements, and I caught up with Fred, an oceanographic PhD student who also appeared on the scene. And now I'm tired in the arms, and all bruised again, but hey, I always am nowadays, and I feel good!

Here I'm really struggling!

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