01 November 2009


Last week was not my best. In hindsight I can say I probably had caught a stomach bug. Just eating something wrong would not have such a lasting effect. I dragged myself to work, slouched behind computer and microscope, hardly managed lunch, and sat apathetically through the few tea breaks I took.

A view over the campus

This did not stop some fire from burning, though. The previous week I had been working on two manuscripts on my Norwegian work that had remained unfinished. I can't wait to get these out into the world. My work here is getting more and more fascinating. I started writing my first paper on English data. A plan for a proposal is slowly growing in my head. I’m an official workaholic! And basically, that was the idea in the first place.

The campus even has a water reservoir. And it will for a while- it's a monument

Below the reservoir is a garden that now looks nicely autumnish

A stream of publications and a well thought through proposal may just be my tickets out of here. Back north. And if not, well, a stream of publications and well wrought proposals are a good thing for any scientist. So I’m going to ride this wave!

Shockingly, the campus holds a chapel. Its old style contrasts with the modern architecture rising up behind

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