19 November 2009


Fun stuff for Norwegians! And norwegophones. Or whatever you call people who master that beautiful language.

I was recently doing something tedious, and in order to refresh my brain I decided to look at, why not, some Norwegian children’s television. No not Pompel og Pilt. Modern stuff!
At the glacier course on Lyngen there was one participant, Erlend, who always managed to enliven any conversation with theatrical antics and witty comments. On the way back I heard he was, by profession, a TV show host. Of a children’s show about animals. I was not surprised! And it was his program I decided to have a look at, on internet. It’s a local show, so many beautiful shots of Tromsø and surroundings, as the episode from May 13th, that had a large item about two sisters and their horses, the latter of which very decoratively cavort through the deep Troms snow...

The guy looks quite different in crampons, Gore-Tex and a helmet, and with an ice axe in his hand… but he’s good at what he does! All you ever wanted to know about north-Norwegian childrens’ TV and never dared ask.

I by the way wanted to decorate this posting with a nice screendump, but NRK has evidently protected their website against such antics...

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