03 November 2009

Blog issues

It used to be so easy! The blog would just do what I wanted to do. I typed a space and it showed a space, I did not type a space and it did not show a space. Such things. The pictures could be copy-pasted into place, they were enlanged on mouseclick... all is changed now.

I should not moan about it on the blog, but seek help (hope Blerik would still be willing to be my helpdesk), but well, maybe I can do both. The pictures don't seem to be clickable anymore, I have to drag and drop them into place, everytime I import a picture I get loads of unwanted empty lines, but if I want an empty line I get none. People might have noticed the messier lay-out... would the blog have gotten too big? Is it all the various computers I have been working on? Oh, these enigmas, produced by unfathomable technology, among which a woman alone is naught but lost! I mayhaps shall don the imperial dress, and strike a genuine damsel-in-distress pose! May someone lead me away from this quagmire... *faint*

And just to test Blerik's amazing advice I add a picture of the sun setting over Plymouth! I fully trust I can now shroud it in empty lines as much as I want...


Blerik said...

Blerik's Blogger Helpdesk speaking... what seems to be the problem?

Margot said...

Oww je volgt het nog! Mijn redder (bezwijm). Kan je misschien je emailadres (ik ben na twee verhuizingen wat losgeraakt van mijn roots) even mailen naar het mijne (voornaam.achternaam@plymouth.ac.uk), dan zwatel ik je het hele verhaal even door! Is waarschijnlijk handiger dan deze hele bende op de blog te doen.

Unknown said...

Is het dat je "HTML bewerken" als tabje aan hebt staan in plaats van het tabje "Nieuw bericht"? In dat geval zouden je problemen op te lossen zijn doro op het tabje "Nieuw bericht" te klikken. Maar ja niet alle problemen zijn altijd op zo'n eenvoudige wijze op te lossen, dus misschien deze ook wel niet.

Margot said...

Ha het werkt! Bijna net zo makkelijk als Met Jan WIllems advies. Hoera!

Unknown said...

Even iets totaal anders:

Afgelopen zaterdag ben ik geslaagd voor mijn 3e dan jiu-jitsu!
Cool he? Ach, die goeie ouwe tijd dat we samen trainden... Jij blauw, ik oranje/groen. Kan je het je nog herinneren?

Groeten, Lourens

Unknown said...

maar... waar blijven de nieuwe blog posts dan?

Anonymous said...

Hoi Margot,
Finally I succeeded in becoming a 'blog follower'. This is because my son Martijn (you have met him in Amsterdam) is leaving for pilot training in Florida and has started a blog.
I will send him your blog address, if I may, since it is by far the nicest blog I know.
Caving can be interesting and fun, it can also be dangerous (says a keen mounteneer). One of my fellow geology students fell and broke his leg, one of my students not so long ago broke his neck! Be careful. Nice story though.

Cheers, Dirk