13 November 2022

Pop-up nuisance

I don't know what I did to deserve this, but since a while my laptop has been hurling nasty notifications at me whenever I have Chrome open. The notifications all tell me my firewall has been breached, my computer has been compromised, spyware has been detected, et cetera et cetera. It is especially bad when I open the program after a while! I have to get rid of a whole load before I can do anything useful. It is a right pain in the arse! When it started doing that, I went to the helpdesk to ask if there indeed was a problem. They said no. So I went home and tried to switch off the notifications.

I did seem to toggle the right thing, but the notifications didn’t go away. I tried whatever I could think of! It wasn’t enough. I had to go back.

I had already been to the new helpdesk once, to exchange my broken headset for a functioning one, and now I was back. I had only brought my actual laptop; I didn't think I needed any peripherals. And I figured that if the power would run low, they would have a cable for iy.

The lady who helped me I was a bit baffled. She confirmed that indeed, there was no sign of my computer actually being under threat. But how to stop the notifications? She searched around in all the settings, and just managed to toggle something off before the computer gave up, because the battery was empty. They didn't have a power cable for it. I had to just hope that she had solved it!

I got home and switched it on again. Unfortunately, the notifications were coming as normal! This shouldn't be so complicated. But somehow, it is! But at least I won’t have to be ashamed that I could sort this if not even the helpdesk could. I might have to go back again… I'm not a big fan of biking my laptop to work, but if that's what it takes I will do it. I really have better things to do than clicking away a whole bunch of useless notifications!

Example notification

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