03 November 2022

A snag with my SEG

 I had applied for a SEG; this is a sort of scheme in which you get money back for the electricity you generate and feed back into the grid. And I got a response quite soon! Unfortunately, it was not the response I hoped for. They said that the form I had sent to Scottish Power was lacking, and therefore they couldn't help me. But I had sent it in! I had handed over the acknowledgement of receipt! What more could I do? I emailed back to point out I had actually included the acknowledgement of receipt, so they could see with their own eyes that the form had been sent in. No response was forthcoming.

I decided to contact Scottish Power to try to ask them to remediate the situation. That is not easy! I first tried a phone number from their website. I got an automatic message that said they were too busy to communicate with anyone by phone. I tried the chat; that asks for your account number, and I have none. I tried the phone number in the confirmation email I had got. That also only gave me options that were not applicable, and no option to stay on the line and speak to someone. This was starting to get tedious!

I did email them to ask for clarification, and I hope I will get a useful response to that. But if not I need to start doing things such as finding out what the email address of their CEO is. Or finding them on Facebook and publicly complaining; that tends to constitute bad publicity and get companies’ attention. I don't like how this is all working; it shouldn't be that they can just deny the existence of a form I had sent them, and thereby block any attempt of me to get a little bit of financial compensation for the energy I'm generating! They do have a monopoly. I can't go somewhere else. 

I also need to step up my attempt to contact the energy company I wanted the SEG with. As I said; they have the acknowledgement of receipt of the form in question. Why is that not enough? They blame Scottish Power, but maybe that is not actually the culprit. Either way; this is a right pain in the arse, but I am determined to find a way to make those involved listen.  And to in the end get my SEG…

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