04 November 2022

Climbing club calibration

I don't go climbing very often. I am quite keen on outdoor climbing, but the season can be a bit short. And life is just too busy to go indoor climbing. So I am still a member of the climbing club, but this last season that has only lead to a handful of climbs. I still like to be a member of the club, though! 

Then there came a message that we would have our AGM. I was available, so I said I would go. Let's see what the situation of the club is!

Six of us gathered in Beacon. And it turned out that that was a good turnout; the club is in a bit of a doldrums  situation, and we currently only have seven members.

It wasn't difficult to get through the agenda with such a small group. And the most important thing has been sorted: we have a regular club evening again. For the time being it will be indoors, of course, but maybe once in a while I will actually join. If only for reasons of being sociable while exercising! And if we have a regular evening again, maybe we can start recruiting more members.

I will soon pay my membership for 2023. Let's drag this club through this somewhat difficult time, and make it work!

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