24 May 2022

More plastic-free endeavours

I try to avoid plastic! And the plastic to really avoid, of course, is single use plastic, but if you can avoid using different plastics that might still be a good idea. I am a big fan of packed lunches, and cooking for more than one day in one go, so both means I have use for Tupperware. And that is generally made of plastic. I had bought quite some tubs a fair while ago, and they were all showing signs of wear and tear. The weak spot were the lids; these had four plastic flaps for closing, and where these hinged was wearing a plastic wore out. I had several clubs where one or two of them had already broken off. If you lose more than that, or you lose two that are not on opposite sides, then the tub doesn't close any more and it is not fit for purpose anymore.

One day I wanted to give the cat her worm medicine. I hide that in nice food, and she thought it smelled so amazing she couldn't wait, and jumped onto the working surface in the kitchen. Doing that she threw one of these lids on the ground, and an additional flap came off. That meant the tub was now defunct. And it is in regular use! I wanted the replace it. But this time, not with plastic. And I suppose it takes a lot of energy to make them in metal, and that must compensate for the hydrocarbons used in the plastic, but firstly these should last decades, and secondly, when their time comes, they won't harm the environment if they end up as landfill. So I decided to go for it.

It took me some googling, but in the end I found a producer who makes metal Tupperware that I thought would answer my requirements. So I bought some! And it was taken into use the very same day. I hope I won't ever have to replace these!

The ones on the right fit inside each other!

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