25 May 2022

Dinnertime goods exchange

It started with Martin having a bit too much yeast (this sounds a bit wrong but one can just have an overabundance of culinary yeast) and texting the group whether anyone was interested in some. And that set in motion a chain of events. We all started offering things. I have more mint and oregano than I can possibly eat. Sue and Dean had loads of things on offer. Anchovies, lamps and CDs. I could do with a lamp in my conservatory, and I like anchovy, and I'm always interested in listening to some new music. And then there was another dinner at their place. 

When we were discussing who would bring what, Sue asked for beer, and she kindly offered to come pick it up from my house the day before, as she would drive past anyway. So I made sure there was a bag with beer ready in the hallway. And I had put some mint in there too. She had expressed an interest! But when she arrived at my door she walked straight past the bag and asked where the cat was. Reasonable question! And we played with the cat for a bit. Susan was surprised at the cat's enthusiasm, but I explained that she normally only gets into my house when there are at least two more people running around. That might be a bit much for a little cat! Now she was my only visitor. She might want to do this more often…

It was absolutely gorgeous weather when I arrived the next day, happily unburdened by heavy beer, and I suggested we first have a drink in the garden, and that suggestion was accepted. I had never been in their garden! It is lovely. And Peas joined us. But after one beer we went inside as we had a substantial dinner to get through. Cheese fondue followed by beef stew! And then tea with chocolate. It was, of course, a lovely night.

At some point, Dean showed up with the anchovy there had been mention of. And Sue started carrying loads more things into the room. The lamps, and CDs, and even some cat toys that Peas didn't like. Martin and I went through a big crate of CDs. I'm not quite sure he lives in the right century for that technology, but we both found stuff to our liking. I picked Stereophonics, and Christy Moore, and the Jam, and Morcheeba, and Elbow, and loads more. I had my bag full when I left at the end of the night! 

When I got home I just planted my bag in the hallway. It was late and I could deal with that tomorrow! But the next day I unpacked the bag and presented the toys to the cat. She was quite impressed by the startled-looking chicken thigh! And in the afternoon I was listening to some Elbow while reading my Welsh book. Very nice! And the lamp was standby in case I wanted to keep reading after daylight would fade. A dinner with lasting influence!

Some of the loot

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