27 May 2022

Making progress in the Pumed Gainc

There is something about buying a book at its official launch! I did it only once. And then I started reading it. It reads well! I'm enjoying it. But I also make sure to read with attention; it is rather Lovecraftian, and you seem to have to read rather closely to get an idea of what's going on. And it being Lovecraftian, the question probably is where which Great Old Ones are lurking end how exactly they are going to turn everybody insane. And in this case, you also have to keep track of where it fits in Welsh mythology. I have read a version of the Mabinogion, but I haven't been submerged in it since childhood so I assume my knowledge is rather sketchy. But we'll see how I do!

After a while I decided I should write down the words I don't recognise, and that my dictionary app doesn't know either. I know Peredur has a list somewhere that explains obscure vocabulary. I'm sure these words are on it! And I to run into one of those about once every three pages. Not bad I think. It's a lot worse in the book I lay aside in order to make space for this one.

Mentioning that book; after how smooth it goes to read this one, I am really hesitant to go back to the other one, which happens to have been written by Peredur's grandfather. That is like running through treacle! But I am stubborn and I fully intend to get through that somehow in the end. But first the Pumed Cainc. Bring on the ancient gods!

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