17 May 2022

Visit by sister: part III

On the second full day of my sister's visit, we intended to go into the Llanberis area, as it was now only Friday, and in the weekend this area gets incredibly busy. The idea was to roughly do the walk I had done with one of the Kates a few months earlier, but then in the other direction. But when we were driving to the starting point, we decided it was too windy to be on top of the ridge. Only decided how we would deal with this: I would park up in Llanberis, my sister would go look for souvenirs for the home front, and I would advise an alternative plan. And I came up with something; I sort of recycled one of the plans I had made for a walk for me and Martin recently. She thought it was a good idea! So we drove to Nantmor. 

From there we would first walk East to pick up the path that goes towards Cnight, but as soon as that path bears right and goes up, we went straight ahead and walked into the valley there. I had wanted to do that for years! Now I was doing it. It was beautiful!

The area before the path to Cnight

The map suggests the path only goes to an abandoned quarry, but in reality a path continues to the little nameless lake (at least it has no name on the OS map) just beyond, and then down on the other side, and down by the side of the stream back to the Nantmor road. And from there we walked back northwest to Llyn Dinas. We had another break there, and then we walked back through Cwm Bychan. I thought it had been a great walk! My sister agreed.

Walking up to the lake

The lake itself

Descending into Nantmor


Almost back at the parking lot

On the way back I had been wondering what to cook, but I decided what I wanted to happen was that we made something quick and easy. We were only home a quarter to six. And I wanted to pop into to Wholefoods Coop! We were using up a lot of flour and suchlike... 

The neighbour had been gone the previous days, but now we saw his car again. He was back! And therefore, so was his dog. He heard us and came out barking his head off. And he really likes my sister so they had a really nice reunion…

Dylan is very happy to see my sister again

For dinner, we just made another batch of soup. We still had bread to go with it, and we made garlic butter to make that more exciting. Another day done!

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