30 May 2022

Getting ready for the solar panels

If all goes well, my solar panels will soon be installed. And given the season, I expect to get more electricity than I need during the sunny hours of the day. But I use electricity as well in the evening. And my biggest use will probably be the kettle. But what I can do is just boil all the water I need for the rest of the day in the afternoon, and store it. I already own an impressive collection of flasks, but in order to keep me going for an entire day you need more than that. So in preparation for my anticipated addition to the house, I have bought two 2L additional flasks. Four litres will even keep me going for a while! And of course I also use electricity for computers, radio, the fridge, and lamps during the evening, but the services these provide can't really be provided earlier in the day, and then stored. So I suppose this is the only feasible adjustment! I also intend to use the washing machine when it is sunny. But I use the kettle many times a day, and the washing machine only once every few weeks. So that will be a much smaller change…

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