10 January 2022

Registering for races again

The previous time I blogged about a race, I started the post by stating that I hadn't raced in ages. This was summer 2018. And when I had said "ages", I had meant less than a year. The race before that had been the Bangor 10k. But after that last race I would leave a hole of almost 4 years. That is so much! And some of that was lockdown, of course, when there were no races, but obviously lockdown didn't last 4 years. And races have restarted again. I didn't register for anything in the first semester of the academic year 2021-2022, but I figured it was time again. 

When I had a look during the Christmas break I saw a race called the World's Steepest Street Run. That sounded right up my street! I kind of like running steeply uphill. And this race then goes down the not so steep way. That's how I like it! You make your muscles, heart and lungs work hard on the uphill, you don't have to have acrobatic skills to negotiate a steep downhill. And it's not very far away; it's in Harlech. They admit, by the way, that the title of steepest street in the world is currently held by some town in New Zealand, but they say that street doesn't have a race on it, so this is still the race with the steepest street. It works for me! And it's only 6.2 km, but given how much you probably have to give in the beginning, I'm sure that is enough.

When I was at it anyway, I decided to also register for the Anglesey half marathon, which I have run several times before. Bring it on! It felt good to be registering for races again. I'm sure I'll enjoy them!

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