31 January 2022

New tablet

Last spring I was starting to use my graphic tablet again. My arms are getting better, and I good start using my hands again. But preferably not the mouse! A graphic tablet is quite like a normal pen. None of these weird clicking motions. And in the months in between, the tablets did good services, even when my arms that worse again.

I don't know how old this tablet is, but it was starting to show signs of old age. My previous tablet lasted all the way until it just wasn't compatible anymore with software on my computer, but this tablet is starting to falter independently. It still responds effortlessly to input, but the problem is that it also started to respond effortlessly to absence of input. And one thing you don't really want is you trying to do something on your computer and your tablet interfering with it. I checked whether perhaps it was dirty, I googled troubleshooting tablets, I did what I could. But I didn't manage to improve the situation. My tablet would just detect things and respond to them and be a right nuisance. It was time to do something about it.

Some months earlier, I knew the School had bought a number of tablets. At the time we were asked who needed one; not me back then, as already had one I had one myself. But now I wondered if any of these are still available. And they were not, but that School was willing to buy one for me. And I was glad about that; it's about time the University takes its duty of care seriously and gives me the hardware I need to be able to work without hurting myself. So it took a few days for it to arrive but then I could pick up a new tablet!

I went to the office and unpacked it. It was huge! Every tablet I buy or get is bigger than the previous one. And its use wasn't intuitive to me. I didn't have that much time in the office to do something about that, though; I had a lot of tutorials to go to, but when I got home I downloaded the user manual and checked YouTube tutorial. With the help of these two sources I managed to tweak the settings so it became easy to use.

With this new tablet I think I am better prepared for whatever work throws of me! And there is the other thing; I had received a desktop, but that didn't come with Dragon installed so I would have to install that using my hands. I really wasn't ready for doing that without the use of the tablet! So now I have the tablet, so now I can go and see if I can make this desktop my default computer, operated by voice. Watch this space!

Out with the old, in with the new

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