26 July 2021

Proofreading progress

 I passed my second proofreading course! I am glad. The pass mark is 60, and I had scraped through the second-last exercise with just that grade. But I had managed to score a 73 on the last one! So that means I passed. That doesn't mean I'm now a qualified proofreader; that requires a third course. And I'm not going to start that soon; my tutor had said she figured I first needed bit of practice, as the next course is quite a step up. If you scrape through the previous course, you will get yourself into trouble in that one. It sounded a bit like the sort of advice I sometimes give students who have scraped through their Bachelors, and that now want to do a Masters. Bad idea! So I am heeding her advice. I have a book that comes recommended by the chartered Institute, and I will plough through that first. That will give me some experience and some skills. And then I can launch myself into the third course. Stay tuned!

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