03 December 2018

Settled status: next and final step

I had tried to acquire settled status; I had borrowed the university's Android 6 phone and tried to use the application app (this is the 21st century after all) to do the entire process. But it stopped somewhere! The app told me to do the rest online. I expected an email about it but nothing came. After a week I took a further step.

I couldn't find anywhere on the government website where I could continue. But then I asked my Belgian colleague, who had applied too. And she mentioned that there was a link in an email. And I hadn't noticed! I was frantically juggling the University phone when it wanted to verify my email address. Well, fine, so it sent me a message and it had a link in it I had to click to do the verification. Then I went back to the app! But that email had had two links; the other one was for completing the application. I had overlooked that! But now I could continue.

The next questions were rather easy to answer. In no time I was done, and I got some application code. And only a day or two later I got the outcome: I had received settled status! So now I should be allowed to stay. And of course, such status is probably something the government can take away from you as well if they want; it's not like it's citizenship. But it's something! And I've got it!

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