09 September 2018

Homelier house

Five months in and I don't have a living room yet! So the two places where I have a comfy chair are still rather important. One is the conservatory, and one is the kitchen. During the day these are fine, but in the evening they tend to be too light or too dark. The kitchen has an industrial light fitting with strip lights in. It's hideous! But it doesn't have priority. And the electricians are rewiring everything anyway so soon the strip light will be disconnected soon. If I don't want the bright main light I am left with the in-built lights of the extractor fan and the kitchen cupboards to the sides of the cooker. Not enough! So when I had to drive in the direction of Bangor anyway to have another rendez-vous with the recycling centre I popped by a shop that sells lamps. I had already checked all local charity shops but there was not much in the way of lamps. And certainly nothing to my liking. But this shop delivered. I bought a lamp of which the design is clearly based on an oil lamp. A bit kitschy, but I don't care. I like it! And I bought the lowest power light bulb they had to go with it.

I hung it in the kitchen. And it works a treat! With that light on it's very snug in there! I feel a bit like a zoo animal after dark with the ultra-bright light on. But like this it was lovely! I am wondering if I should do the same for the conservatory. But first I'll just see what light bulbs are in there; there's a normal lamp in there, so I can adjust the wattage. But light matters! And with autumn pretty much upon us it matters more and more. It will be worth some effort to make these two spaces comfortable while the actual living room is still seriously under construction. And in the greater scheme of electricians and plasterers, a lamp here and there is financial peanuts!

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