01 June 2017

Some minor repairs

Repairs are so therapeutic! They may be trifles in life but they really give a sense of achievement. And that's why they go on the blog. Recently I had a fairly quiet weekend between weekends with underground stuff happening, and I found time to sort two small issues out. One was that the thingamabobby of my one watch (the one I wear when I am not interested in looking smart) which keeps the excess strap close to my wrist (what are they called, anyway*) had broken; I figured it served a purpose so as unassuming as the little bit of plastic is, I burned four holes in it and stitched the thing up with strong yarn. It works again!

The other thing was that I had bought an arm strap for my phone; it is supposed to be one size fits all. It doesn't; it is clearly made for sturdy people's arms. If I am wearing something sleeveless I cannot tighten the strap. I needed the two velcro components to touch when the thing is around my arm (instead of only fluffy component touching fluffy component); I solved that by sewing a strip of the frictional component over the fluffy component. Now I can tighten it! And I don't have unusually thin arms. They are probably made with men in mind. Wouldn't be the first time!

*: "strap loop" seems to be the answer

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