14 November 2016

Explaining the project to the School of Ocean Sciences

On Friday noon we tend to have a lunch seminar. Everyone is invited, and for some students it is even part of a module. They have to pick a certain number of seminars from the series and write an abstract about them. This week it was my turn. The timing was perfect; the next working day would be the big last BRITICE-CHRONO meeting. This gave me a chance to combine the preparation for both events. And during the project meeting there are talks from all transects and all methods and all everything, so I only get some ten minutes. The lunch seminar is an hour, so you can say a lot more!

Before it all happened I received a lot of apologies. James would be teaching, Paul was abroad, Jaco was in a meeting with noone less than the Welsh first minister, and several more colleagues informed me they could not make it. Luckily, we had two fellow project people in the audience: PhD students Catriona and Ed. It's always good to keep your close colleagues informed! And I could still go back to basic, given that there would be a lot of marine biologists in the audience, and these don't normally work with ice sheets and foraminifera and suchlike. So it was a nice opportunity both ways!

The audience wasn't big, as I had expected, but that's OK. It went well! I had a lot of questions at the end, mainly from people in the field of physical oceanography. It's always nice to get questions from people from other disciplines; they tend to be the people that ask the questions you don't see coming. More than a week ago I hadn't really been looking forward to this event but it was good! Now roll on the Sheffield meeting...

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