12 November 2016

Denouement postponed

The hotly anticipated (by me, anyway) deadline for my newfangled assignment was Friday the 11th. But then a spanner appeared in the works: the assignment involved the students also making a core description of a core that had been drilled during the fieldwork, and correlating the stratigraphy with the seismic profile they had produced there. One day before the deadline some students started complaining the seismic data wasn't available to them. Dear oh dear. They should have made sure they had it at the actual fieldwork in June; if they only now notice they don't it's a bit late. But we made it available online and extended the deadline. That means I won't know until a week later how the students have done. I'm keen to find out! The word on the street is that it all went well. James has been furtively inquiring how they got on with the MATLAB and the responses have been encouraging. So far good signs, but one more week of patience before I will know for sure!

 The core that was taken during the 2014 fieldwork

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