14 January 2016

Reckless neighbour

When my neighbour bought the house that made him my neighbour, he set to work to make it suit his needs. What he did indoors I don't know, but I could see he was quite rigorously changing the garden. He said he wanted to do it up properly. It looked a bit neglected. He was dreaming of a path around the garage, a shed for tools, and even a hot tub. It sounded so ambitious I admit I struggled to believe it! But then he took down the trees and the shrubs, made a path, made a new fence with a door, started building a shed... that garden changed so fast I couldn't keep up.

And then one day I went for a run. When I came back I saw the neighbour, his dad, and more men at the open garage door. And inside that door I saw a massive wooden structure. The hot tub! He had actually done it! That's cool. But it looked big and heavy. Way too big to be carried through the garage into the garden. And that was the biggest entrance into the garden...

If it couldn't go through the garage there was pretty much only one other option; via my drive over the fence. That looked tricky! That thing was so big and heavy it could easily crush a man to death from a height of, say, the top of my neighbour's fence. But if they thought they could safely do it they had my blessing...

And they did. They had dreamed up a construction of making an incline with two ladders, put the tub on it, slide it up, and then tilt the ladders with tub and all until they were horizontal. These could then pivot over the fence and let the tub slide down on the other side! Very elegant! And it worked! I think my neighbour has now learned to pay more attention to dimensions and weight of things before he buys them, but he can do that paying attention in a hot tub in the garden! Success!

The behemoth filling the drive

Putting it on the ladders

Sliding up
Raising the ladders
On top of the fence; work almost done!

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