15 June 2015

Other side of the coastal path

Go east, young woman! I told myself. I normally go for a longish run in thew weekend, and I had spent several weekends running clockwise along the northwest coast of Anglesey, along the Coastal path. But I was tired and a bit stressed and I decided to stay a bit closer to home this time. Less driving time! I decided to go on from where I had left off a long time ago, on the east coast.

It was beautiful. It had looked like I had had the best of the path when I stopped last time, but that clearly wasn't true! I had a great run, even though I sometimes lost the path and ended up inland. But a coastal path tends not to be hard to find back. It was sunny, and there were amazing cliffs! It was a good run. My appreciation for Anglesey is still growing...

Wales as an abstract painting

Quiet bays

Happy selfie

Dramatic cliff

Tourist brochure beach

Liverpool Bay (that Anglesey oversees) is a busy shipping route

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