22 April 2015

Thursday Welsh

If you have a marathon coming up, and you want to be well-rested, then you don't go underground, as that always gets late. So the week of the Big Day I skipped the usual trip. But that meant I could finally attend Thursday Night Welsh Class! I always skip half the classes because I find it important to go slosh around in crumbly dark places instead. But it was nice to make an exception! And with the exams coming up I can use all the practice.

Sometimes the Welsh tutors send a mail around to all learners; they announce they'll be in some cafe for a specific hour and we're all encourages to show up and have a chat with them, for extra practice. And by sheer coincidence, such an hour had taken place that very day. I could have done that even on a day in which I go underground, but anyway; I was glad this day, with its one hour conversation practice and two hour class, did a good job in compensating for a Welsh-free long weekend with my sister!

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