05 April 2015

Caving or running: the Easter edition

Getting ready for a marathon requires rest. Caving (or rather, mine exploration) requires commitment until late. Last week I already lamented about it. But this week things were easier; it was the Easter period, and the university was closed. I went to work anyway, of course; but with most people gone and the heating off it just wasn't a place you want to be full time. So I got out of bed an hour later than normal that Thursday. And of course, the night was long! So long, in fact, I fell asleep in David's car on the way back. But the day after I just got out of bed even later. I still got quite some core sections scrutinised, so no problem! Next week we finally plan to do something less time consuming. And I won't fully believe it'll be a short trip until we came wandering out, but it's reassuring it could be!

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