09 April 2015

New running shoes - again

If you buy a piece of kit, then you have a piece of kit! For some kit that holds. But some kit is more evanescent than other. If you buy a pair of mountain boots you're sorted for years. But running shoes are like tubes of toothpaste. You think you're sorted if you've bought one, but before you can say "oral hygiene" you need to go and buy the next.

I bought my first pair of running shoes in January 2011 and figured that was it. But when I was in York I bought my second pair, as I had worn the first pair out. I was in York only from June 2013 to late March 2014; that first pair lasted me some three years! But my habit got worse, and I wore these shoes out too. Because I have such a funny gait (I don't run with my feet horizontal, but tilted outward, so I land on the outside of my feet; especially with my right foot) I wear out the right side of the sole of my right shoe in not time. In November 2014 I bought my third pair. And these still work, but I figured I might want to have two pairs of running shoes. A pair of the best and most expensive for long runs, and a cheaper pair for my mundane morning runs. I don't think I need all that technology for these few miles! It is my calves, rather than my shoes, that provide the bounce. If I can't bounce all the way for some reason, I need difficult shoes. So now I've just bought my fourth pair of running shoes! I feel like I single-handedly keep the running shoe business afloat. But that's OK. I wouldn't want to run without!

All my running shoes, ever! The ones in the centre are my off-road shoes; I never wore a pair of those out.The rest are all road shoes. And no it's not as if I suddenly think white, pink and blue is such a lovely combination; I pick shoes on how they feel...

The typical wear pattern on my shoes: the bit near my little toe is totally gone, but the rest of the sole is pretty much intact

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