14 July 2014

Another silence

Again, silence on the blog! Five days without a posting. It happened about a month ago too. And again, the silence is not due there being nothing to report! On the contrary. There is more to say about the Iceland paper than I should probably plonk into one blog post, I've been underground twice, there are developments regarding me learning Welsh, and we have been busy preparing the cruise. The cruise!

Tomorrow morning we set off. We will drive to Southampton, drop off the rental car, embark the RRS James Cook, and settle in. We will only sail the next morning, but they want us on board for a safety training. And then we're off! For quite a while. I have never been at sea for that long. It will be exciting! I hope we come back with amazing cores. And with more stories about amazing sunrises than about violent parting with one's stomach content. We'll see!

But there was so much going on I didn't manage to keep up with the blog. Work, weather and signal permitting I will catch up when I'm on board! We will start with some transit time. If the weather holds I should be able to make a start then! And otherwise; watch this space, as there is a lot to say, and it will be getting more and more every day!

All the plants concentrated in the kitchen, making it easier for my office mate Stella to water them. They're ready for the coming weeks!

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